Code of Practice

The following is the Code of Practice for Association members:

(1) Association members agree to take all reasonable steps for the conservation of local wildlife and archaeological sites and to manage their projects according to sound and consistent ecological principles. (Written evidence must be provided to the Association that the views of local or national bona fide wildlife and archaeological organisations have been sought and that plans have been modified as necessary to take account of any objections.)

(2) Association members must be in a position to guarantee the long-term security of both the graves and the wildlife, and have a satisfactory plan for when the site reaches its capacity. (Except for local authority sites, written evidence must be provided as to freehold ownership, any mortgages on the site, the legal title that clients receive, any planned transfer of the site to a wildlife charity or other relevant factors. Give full details of the long-term security offered to clients.)

(3) Association members other than local authority sites must satisfy the Association as to the quality, financial probity and non-indebtedness and relevant qualifications of their directors, trustees, managing body or similar. (Adequate references must also be provided.)

(4) Association members accept for burial bodies whether wrapped in a shroud or placed in a cardboard or wooden coffin or alternative container or wrapping, provided these are environmentally acceptable.

(5) Association members will not require that a funeral director be used. Those using the Natural Burial Ground will be informed that they may organise the funeral themselves, including conducting any service. They may do a token amount of digging or dig a single depth grave, subject to any equipment, training, safety or regulatory constraints; and they may help with filling in the grave.

(6) Association members will keep a permanent record of exactly where each grave is. A copy of the burial ground register entry will be made available to the client and the register will be open for public inspection.

(7) Association members will either sell coffins and shrouds to clients or provide information as to where these can be obtained.

(8) Association members, whose charges must be fair and reasonable, will provide fully itemised price lists for potential clients on request, and will also reveal these prices on the telephone on request.

(9) Association members will provide a copy of this Code of Practice to clients using their services, and will have copies available on request for others.

(10) Association members will provide each client using their services with a feedback form, either the site's own form or the Association's form, asking for the client's comments on the service provided and for any suggested improvements, with a request that a copy of the feedback form be sent direct to the Association. This feedback form is to include the address and phone number of the Association and to note that any complaints can be sent to the Association.

(11) Association members, if taking money for funerals in advance, agree to abide by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 Regulation of Funeral Plan Contracts.

(12) Association members accept that in the event of a complaint from a client that is not dealt with to the Association's satisfaction within three months of the complaint being made, the Natural Burial Ground's membership will cease without refund. A serious complaint may result in immediate suspension of membership whilst the complaint is investigated.

(13) Before membership is granted or renewed, the Association may require further evidence on the above or any other relevant matters.

(14) Provisional applicant members may join prior to having a site, but must provide the information required to convert to full membership within a year of their site opening.