Wooden Plaques

A simple wooden plaque with the dimensions shown on the right can be placed at the head of the grave. We feel it is important to keep the plaques as simple as possible so just the name and lifespan of the deceased can be engraved.

Native Trees

There is a choice of native trees ( see below ) to plant at the top of the grave. This will be done at the appropriate time of the year and the tree will be replaced if it should die within five years.

Select your Tree ( click on or over the picture )

Grave Plot: £ 750

This includes:
The Grant of Right of Burial of a body or ashes in a plot allocated by the Grantor.
A tree ( with guard and stake ) chosen from the given list of indigenous trees.

The cost of a plot alongside an existing grave is £675.

Spouse's ashes may subsequently be interred alongside the ashes of the deceased without further charge for the plot.

The cost of the wooden plaque is £70

All details concerning the positions of the graves and the names of the deceased will be carefully noted in a record book.

There will be marker posts on the site so relatives will be able to locate the plot of their loved one.
All this information will be given on the appropriate form to the relatives of the deceased.
The cost of interment is a separate item and will be dealt with by the undertakers.
The Burial Ground is non-denominational but individual plots may be consecrated.